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Important Information

What animals do you treat?

We offer our services to dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

What should I do if my pet needs emergency care?

For all emergencies, we recommend you contact your local emergency vet clinic in your area. For emergencies on the Central Coast please contact Small Animal Specialist Hospital located in Tuggerah on (02) 4044 1781 and for Newcastle and Port Stephens please contact the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre located in Broadmeadow on (02) 4957 7106.

Do you offer the same services as a Vet clinic?

Yes, however we do not offer any sedated or surgical procedures. If these services are required we will refer you to a local clinic near you.

Does it cost more for a mobile vet compared to taking my pet to a veterinary clinic?

In most cases yes, however The Nest Mobile Vets is priced competitively and all costs include travel expenses. Our priorities are to offer the convenience and comfort of at-home care.

Do you offer payment plans?

We require full payment at the time of consultation and do not offer payment plans. You will be given an estimate before any consultations are conducted.

Do you facilitate pet insurance claims?

Yes. We will be happy to assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork required for any pet insurance claims.

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